30 Day Kombucha Challenge

Swap Your Soda (or coffee or juice or energy drink or sports drink) for Kombucha for 30 days and see how you feel.The physical toll of our soda/coffee/energy drink habit couldn’t be more evident. With obesity, diabetes and autoimmune diseases on the rise, we are reaching a crisis point. The 30 Day Kombucha Challenge is designed to educate and raise the consciousness about the benefits of swapping your soda (or coffee or energy drink or whatever) for naturally effervescent Kombucha Tea.

While many Americans hold a “more is better” attitude when it comes to things that are good for them, Kombucha is best experienced when consumed as a tonic in small, frequent daily doses. Just 4-8oz per serving 1-3 times a day packs a powerful punch.

“Swap Your Soda, See What Happens!”

It seems that today all we hear about is how the root cause for most disease is our terrible diets and all the stress we experience. Whether your food choices are mostly good, mostly bad or somewhere in between, Kombucha fits your lifestyle and can be consumed before, during or after meals depending on how you feel. Many new and seasoned drinkers report a general feeling of well being after consuming Kombucha, which helps alleviate stress. Why are they feeling good and will it do the same for you? There’s only one way to find out.

Kombucha grows and grows in popularity every year with more bottles flying off the shelves than ever before. Some people are initially shocked by the flavor, but once they’ve tried this tangy tea, many find themselves drawn back for more, not sure why theis strange taste has them hooked. Despite the initial objections of today’s commonly sugarfied palates, the taste buds and the tummy do respond positively, sometimes the very first time and sometimes after a few tries. After all, energy drinks taste like a chemical cocktail, yet millions adapt to the flavor. Kombucha’s naturally fermented flavor and boost of energy are just parts of the whole food. Check out the list below for some of Kombucha’s many advantages as a soda replacement.

10 Advantages to Swapping your Soda

  1. Dramatically fewer calories
  2. No harmful sugar substitutes
  3. No toxic chemicals, instead it may gently detoxify the body
  4. Repopulates the gut with good bacteria and yeast
  5. Curbs sugar cravings
  6. Drinkers report a natural energy boost
  7. Better for digestion, bloating and sluggishness
  8. Contains naturally occurring electrolytes
  9. Controls appetite
  10. Made from healthy tea

Why Should You Do A 30 Day Challenge?

“What Are You Waiting For?
Why Not Give It A Shot For The Next 30 Days.”

How do I Participate?

Click on the Daily Challenge link in the top menu and follow along each day or at your own pace.

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Health Claims: We aren’t making any! All we are saying is lots of people like drinking Kombucha for a variety of reasons. The next 30 days will pass no matter what. Why not try a living beverage for 30 days and see what it does for you? Full disclaimer here.